Ride 3 Free Download

Ride 3 Free Download

Download Ride 3 for FREE on PC – Released on 30 Nov, 2018 Learn how to download and install Ride 3 for free in this article and be sure to share this website with your friends.


  • Jump straight into managing your own planets as you guide a civilization through the ages. Become the ultimate empire in The Universim, a new breed of God Game in development by Crytivo.
  • Your time is coming. Guide a fledgling civilization through the obstacles of life. From humble beginnings, watch as they evolve and advance throughout the ages under your wing. Influence their decisions and punish the unfaithful with a wide range of godly abilities. Interact with objects, create disasters, and launch clueless creatures into orbit. This is your world, and nothing can stop you from having fun.
    Our goal is to bring back the features you know and love from classic god games and spice them up with fresh ideas, a modern physics engine, and stylized visuals developed by a few of our very own industry heroes.
  • Meet the Nuggets, a fragile and whacky species that relies on your leadership to build, research, and advance. Help them, and they will soon begin writing their own history in the stars. Every Nugget is a unique individual with a distinct set of characteristics. Just like any other living creature, Nuggets must have access to a few vital resources in order to survive. This includes water to drink, food to eat, and recreational activities to increase their happiness and quality of life. Recreational activities may include blowing stuff up. You’ve been warned.
  • ​As you spend time with the Nuggets, You will see that they behave like natural, living beings. They have their own thoughts and needs – and they even have the ability to make their own decisions at times. We want to give you a feeling that you’re interacting with a living organism, almost like you’re messing around with a rather chaotic ant farm.


  1. Click the Download button and you should be redirected to Uploadhaven.com.
  2. Once The Universim is finished downloading,
    Double click the codex-ride.3.iso and run the setup.exe (You will need WinRAR, you can get it here)
  3. On the codex installer, make sure to tick the “Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir” and then click install.
  4. Now go to where ever you installed the game to and paste the files you have copied into the folder. Now you will have RIDE 3 for FREE!

Click the download button below to start Ride 3 Free Download. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.

RIDE 3 – Free Pack 1 DLC.
RIDE 3 – Best of 2018 Pack 1
RIDE 3 – Free Pack 1
RIDE 3 – Free Pack 2
RIDE 3 – Best of 2018 Pack 2
RIDE 3 – Free Pack 3
RIDE 3 – RIDE 3 – Supercustom Pack
RIDE 3 – Free Pack 4
RIDE 3 – 2-Strokes Pack
RIDE 3 – Free Pack 5



  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500, AMD FX-8100 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 2 GB VRAM or more / AMD Radeon HD 7950 with 2 GB VRAM or more
  • DirectX: Version 11

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