I don't know how to install a game, where can I learn to do so?

If you are having any issues installing any of the games on our site make sure to check out the video we have made on the site.

Is This A Virus/Trojan?

NO! We do not allow any form of Viruses/Trojans inside of our downloads. If there is a virus/trojan, please, PLEASE, notify us on our Discord server (best form of communication) or email us at: [email protected], as we will fix that as soon as possible. We would hate to have viruses on our computers, so we don’t want to give any to yours. We want to keep our reputation as one of the safest sites to get free games from, so please follow the instructions and report any form of virus inside of the downloads.

Do These Cracked Games Have Multiplayer?

Yes, some of the games have multiplayer, but that does not mean you can connect to your friends on Steam, you and your friend need to have the same version of the crack to play. You can find what games have multiplayer here –

When I Open The Game It Brings Me To The Steam Store?

If you install a game and it redirects you to Steam when you open it its more than likely one of these two things.
Either because you forgot to tick the “Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir” box on the CODEX installer.
Or you didn’t install the crack files manually, If there is a folder in the download called “Crack” or “PLAZA” go into the folder and copy everything in the folder and paste them into where you installed the game, and the game should work.

What Does Torrent Mean?

uTorrent is a downloading software that people use to download large files. On some of our large games we have Implemented an alternative download for Torrent. You can download uTorrent here – 

Missing DLL Error?

These types of errors are quite common for newcomers. Many people that install a game often don’t know they need DirectX. If you get a missing dll error when trying to run a game, make sure to download these files and install them. –!KS4niKwS!eSJTlcE91AQpyCXj9N5ScPw7dsWrYqE2HALoMRD8-kE


First off, this isn’t a question. Second, if you want to request a game, please head to the “Request” tab and fill out the required information. We will receive it and we always look through the requests to see what people mostly want. We love people giving us more ideas, makes our jobs easier!

Is AllGamesForYou Legal?

This site is 100% legal. All we do is share the links to downloads, we don’t actually pirate/crack the games ourselves. You shall not get arrested or get your internet shut down or whatever, as the downloads are placed on public and trustworthy sites. If there is a problem with a download, we shall handle it responsibly.

Why isn't my game saving?

If you’re having issues saving your game make sure to right click the game and select “Run as administrator” I would suggest you do this to every game to prevent any errors from happening.

Why so many Ads? They are annoying!

Well, like every other site, we place ads in order to gain some money to keep this website up and running. We will NEVER force you guys to pay for anything on this website, all we ask is for you guys to use the website freely with no restrictions.

When I click download on 1Fichier it just refreshes the page!

If you encounter this issue all you simply have to do to solve it is use a different web browser to download the file from, 1Fichier is the only hosting site we use that has this issue.

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