Voxel Turf v1.1.0 Free Download

Voxel Turf v1.1.0 Free Download

Download Voxel Turf for FREE on PC Released on 14 Sep, 2017, Learn how to download and install Voxel Turf for free in this article and be sure to share this website with your friends.


Voxel Turf is a block based city builder/action adventure game. Build cities or destroy them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice! Voxel Turf allows you to be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation.

– Have you ever played an open world game and thought “if only I could build something here?”
– Or a city builder and wanted to drive around and interact with your creation?
– Or even a building game and thought “if only these buildings would come to life?”
If so then Voxel Turf is the game for you!

Live in a City of Your Own Creation
– Build sprawling cities with either the over 50 prebuilt buildings, or build your own in-game!
– Make amazing structures with over 15,000 types of blocks in over 100 categories.
– Or live in and modify a procedurally generated city

Get Rich or Die Trying
– Earn cash from either completing missions, crime, or managing a real estate empire.
– Establish protection rackets to make money
Some of the missions revolve around:
– Being a hired revolutionary who fights the local authorities for cash
– Participating in street races for money
– Making a career though stealing vehicles for profit
– Eliminating bandits and protecting civilians from bandit attacks
– Be a specialist architect who draws an income from making custom buildings


  • 1. Click the Download button and you should be redirected to the Download.
  • 2. Once Voxel Turf is finished downloading, extract the .rar file. (You will need WinRar, you can get it here)
  • 3. Once it’s done, run the game as administrator, and enjoy!

Make sure you have DirectX installed before you try and run the game, to install DirectX go into the _Redist folder in the download folder and run ‘DXSETUP’ and let it install.

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OS: Windows Vista or Above
Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel I5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Storage: 500 MB available space

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